Improving your Practice Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed for issue to patients to assess the service provided.  It has been developed in consultation with our Patient Participation Group.

You can help the Practice to improve its service.

  • The Doctors and staff welcome your feedback
  • Please do not write your name on this survey
  • Please read and complete this survey while waiting for your appointment 
Improving your Practice

Improving your Practice

Who are you seeing today?

Access to a Doctor or Nurse

Time in which your telephone call to the Practice was answered:
Length of time you had to wait for a telephone call (triage) or appointment:
Ability to be seen quickly when necessary:
Convenience of day and time of your appointment:
Seeing the Doctor/Nurse of your choice:
Length of time waiting to see the Doctor or Nurse:
Opportunity of obtaining a home visit when necessary:
Satisfaction with your consultation with the Doctor or Nurse:

Obtaining a repeat prescription or medications

Prescription/medications ready on time:
Prescription/medications correctly issued:
Handling of any queries:

Obtaining Test Results

Were you told when to contact us for your results?
Results available when you contacted us?
Level of satisfaction with the amount of information provided:
Level of satisfaction with the manner in which the result was given:

About the staff

The information provided by the Reception staff:
The helpfulness of the Reception staff:
The information provided by other staff:
The helpfulness of other staff:

And finally

Suitability of the Practice premises:
Cleanliness of the Practice premises:
My overall satisfaction with this Practice:
The following question provide us with general information about the range of people who have responded to this survey. It will not be used to identify you, and will remain confidential.
Your age group: